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Joint EC / EGCI Workshop 2011 - "Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturing”

Breakthrough in battery research, technology and manufacturing, together with advancements in energy supply and energy management are one of the most determining factors for the future market uptake of electric mobility in the smart cities of tomorrow. Keeping these competencies in Europe is essential for the competitiveness of the European automotive industry and their suppliers and will generate large spill over effects in other industrial fields. This joint workshop of the European Commission and two European Technology Platforms involved in the Public Private Partnership European Green Cars Initiative, ERTRAC and EPoSS, discussed current and future European activities and policies related to research, development, manufacturing and innovation in the domain of batteries for the electric vehicle. First results of collaborative research projects on batteries funded under the European Green Cars Initiative were presented either orally or on posters. Furthermore, relevant pilot actions for battery cell and system manufacturing from selected regions in Europe were reviewed. Opportunities for Europe to create added value by promoting joint research, linking pilots, and establishing new innovation flagships were considered. And finally, the workshop provided concrete recommendations for future R&D&I and supporting activities, in line with the KET recommendations and in preparation of Horizon 2020, the future common framework for research and innovation. The invited experts included the participants and coordinators of European collaborative research projects on batteries, leaders of major pilot activities for battery manufacturing, representatives of companies from the field of energy storage, cell and battery technology as well as research institutions, public authorities and all involved Directorates General of the European Commission. This workshop has been prepared on behalf of the European Commission and Public Private Partnership European Green Cars Initiative by the Coordination Actions “PPP Implementation for Road Transport Electrification” (CAPIRE) and “Information and Communication technologies for the Full Electric Vehicle” (ICT4FEV), and supported by the Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).

Agenda Battery Workshop 2011 Version 20.pdf
Report Battery Manufacturing Workshop 2011.pdf
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